I am very bad at drawing male characters. Please only request them if they are particularly feminine.


- I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.
- Streaming helps me focus and work faster. I may stream and/or post commission work on social media. Please let me know if you do not want your commission to be streamed or posted (commercial work will automatically not be streamed or posted unless permission is given to me first).
- Commercial work will be subject to at least a 50% increase in price.
- Rush jobs may be subject to an increase in price.
- Prices are in USD. Payment will be through Paypal or Stripe.
- Work cancelled halfway will only be refunded the portion of the work that is unfinished.
- Deliverables may not be transferred or resold without permission or full commercial rights.


half body - $400

FULL BODY - $500

character design - $1000+
outfit design - $900+

reference sheet - $700+
(must have full reference)

accessories, close ups, side views, expressions and any other extras may be added for an additional charge (for character design or reference sheet)

VTuber Model Art - $2000+
design + VTuber MOdel ART - $3000+
(two above include commercial rights)

+background - $50 to $300
+complicated patterns/objects - $50 to $100
commercial rates:
Streaming and promotional use - +50%
Merchandising and full commercial rights - +100%

with full commercial rights, deliverables may be resold and the intellectual property transfers over to the client. basically you can do whatever you want.

Price may increase depending on complexity. Commercial work will be subject to at least a 50% increase in price (VTuber model price already includes commercial rights). Depending on the request, extra costs not listed may be added.Please provide as much detail as possible when contacting me. I would recommend at least the following information:

  • Commission Type (Bust Up, Half Body, Full Body)

  • Character Reference

  • Additional requests if applicable (BG, props, etc.)

  • Paypal email for the invoice

For VTuber model commissions, please provide the following:

  • Character Reference. If a detail (or the whole character) does not exist or is only described in text, you will be charged character designing fees.

  • Expressions that you'd like.

  • Extra details if applicable (prop toggles, parts for specific animations, etc.)

  • If you have a rigger ready, please let me know.

  • If it's okay to stream making the model (perfectly fine if not).

For character design commissions, please provide the following:

  • As much detail as you'd like on the type of character and appearance. Anything vague or not mentioned will be assumed up to me.

  • Whether you'd like commercial rights on the character (+50%). This includes using the character (not the art) for vtubing.

  • I will provide you with a few rough designs and we will discuss and finalize the designs from there.

how to contact me

direct message on twitter
email: [email protected]

design: klaius

Kashiwa Yukinourahttps://www.twitch.tv/KashiwaHakase
design: kashiwa yukinoura